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De Anima | Frame

Frame is a series of episodes portraying the soul of artists and craftspeople; providing insight into their process, Inspiration and ambition. All episodes are available to watch on the De Anima YouTube page with more bonus content on Instagram. 

De Anima | Live

2021 ~ 4 outstanding Live shows, 12 exceptional live performances.

More to come in 2022...

Tickets Here

De Anima | Shorts

Short Film. Coming soon...

We are looking for Artists, creators, movers & shakers

We are on the search for collaborators. If you are a musical artist looking to perform, or an editor, a designer, a social media content creator, a blog writer, animator, script writer, director, photographer, videographer, set designer... Get in touch! send an email to:

Tell us your craft(s), show us your work and let us know how you want to collaborate. We will read all messages and get back to everyone. 

Look forward to hearing from you!